Dear Parents and Guardians,


Following the advice of Public Health, students in school from Grades 4-8 wear masks while in school.  We encourage students in all grades to physically distance, which is even more important because it is their “mask free time”, on the playground.   We will be requiring students who are participating in activities like playing on our play structure and sandbox to wear masks as they are not often able to maintain a safe two-meter distance from their classmates.  Students who are not wearing masks while in close proximity to others will be directed to a different area of their zone where they can play and safely keep their physical distance from their peers.

Many parents in grades k-3 already have sent masks for their children to use during class time and we encourage everyone to do the same.  Disposable masks are available in every classroom and reusable masks have been distributed to every child at WES.  Our hope is that although k-3 students are not mandated by Public Health to wear masks, our students will wear them in class out of an abundance of caution.

Classroom Assignment Changes

Manitoba Public health has asked that schools “…ensure two metres of physical distancing to the greatest extent possible, utilizing all existing space. “  In response to this request we will be making a few changes to room assignments for our students to further enhance distancing for our students while they are in classroom settings.

Grade 8 will move to the gym.  They will occupy only the south side of the gym, allowing Starting Blocks to continue to operate before and after.

  • Grade 1 will move to the current adjoining grade 8 classes (formerly Grade 7 and 8 Rooms)
  • Grade 2 will expand to the current grade 1 room.

In all cases we will have staffing in place to ensure that each group of students always have an adult present for supervision. Teachers will continue to instruct all of their students. We hope that with some hard work and careful planning there will be minimal impact on student learning when students join us on Monday November 23rd.   Please note that Programming for Music and Phys-ed will still continue at this time, however Phy-sed classes will be held primarily outdoors, so please send your child with clothing suitable for conditions.  If weather is inclement or unsuitable for outdoor phy-sed, students will remain in their classrooms and participate in phys-ed activity there.

Thank you again for your kindness and support this year, we have encountered many changes throughout the year as Public Health works with us to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students.

Thank you,

Chris Gamble M.Ed

Principal, Warren Elementary School


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